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The Masonic Study Society was established in 1921, at the instigation of J.S.M. Ward, to study the symbolism of Freemasonry in its various Degrees and to investigate its origins and meanings on anthropological lines. Special attention is devoted to the symbols and the mystical meanings of the various Degrees

Those aspects of Masonic research which are already dealt with by existing research bodies are largely avoided and an endeavour is made to study the Craft and Royal Arch in particular in the light of similar systems, past and present, and on the lines of comparative religion, anthropology and folklore. In short, the Society studies Freemasonry as a living organism, as well as on the basis of its documentation.


We meet in the months of January, March, May, June and November. Meetings commence at 18.15 on a Wednesday evening in Central London. If you would like to visit a Society meeting, please see the Programme page.

Transactions of the Craft, Royal Arch and other degrees (as appropriate) are issued free to all members of the Society, who are not more than one year in arrears with their subscription. Transactions are also available to read at certain Masonic Libraries.

Occasionally meetings of the Society are restricted to Masters of Lodges and Past Masters, or members of the Holy Royal Arch, or other Orders. If a particular meeting is subject to such a restriction, this will be made clear on the Annual Summons and the Programme published on this website. Separate Transactions (as appropriate) are published in respect of meetings held under such restrictions.

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