Masonic Study Society  

Welcome to the Membership section of The Masonic Study Society.

The duty of the members of the Masonic Study Society is to disseminate such Masonic knowledge as they may possess or obtain, to all interested members of the Craft, conditional upon their obligations and vows.

Membership of the Society is open to Master Masons of any Constitution under allegiance to the United Grand Lodge of England, or some other Grand Lodge recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England. Members duly proposed and seconded may be elected at any meeting.

The annual subscription is payable in advance on the 1st January each year, and is currently £15.00. This amount is subject to alteration, by the Committee, as is necessary for the proper functioning of the Society.

Many of our members are unable to attend meetings because of circumstance or distance. Nonetheless, we hope that such members will consider writing either a short or a long paper on a Masonic or allied subject, which could be read at one of our meetings and printed in our Transactions. Many new members find that a good introduction is to write a short paper for presentation to the Annual General Meeting in January.

If you would like to visit a Society meeting, , qualified guests are welcome; please see the above qualification for Membership requirements and the "Contact Us" page and contact the Secretary.

If you would like to be considered for membership of the Society, please see the "Contact Us" page. Brethren in the Americas which includes all countries in North and South America and the Caribbean, should contact the Secretary for the Americas, while Brethren in the rest of the world should contact the Secretary for an Application Form.

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